4 BEST Digital Forensic Tools & Software in 2022

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When a security issue occurs or as part of security-related preventive maintenance, digital forensics software is used to investigate and examine IT systems. These tools assist organisations in conducting in-depth analyses of IT systems to pinpoint security issues’ root causes, highlight vulnerabilities, and aid security teams in streamlining incident response procedures.

To give security experts a complete picture of the most likely causes of security problems, these solutions combine security information from hardware, network logs, and files. From there, a variety of tools determine the actions required to address the vulnerability and update policies and configurations to stop the problem from happening again.

These tools are used by businesses to determine the root cause of security incidents and eliminate any faults or vulnerabilities that might allow a recurrence. Additionally, they evaluate software, networks, and systems with these technologies in order to find hazards and address them before an incident happens.

Many of the tools in this category are comparable to incident response software, but they lack the same extensive investigative capabilities and frequently place a greater emphasis on immediate remedy than on granular inquiry and preventive maintenance.

  1. IBM Security QRadar
  2. FTK Forensic Toolkit
  3. ExtraHop
  4. Parrot Security OS

1. IBM Security QRadar

IBM Security QRadar Digital Forensics topattop

The most open and comprehensive threat detection and response solution available on the market is IBM Security QRadar XDR, which also offers faster threat elimination.

Security teams can accurately identify, comprehend, and prioritise risks that are most important to the company with the aid of IBM Security QRadar. To identify and track the most significant threats as they proceed through the kill chain, the system ingests asset, cloud, network, endpoint, and user data, correlates it with threat intelligence and vulnerability information, and then applies advanced analytics to the data.

Once a credible threat has been found, AI-powered investigations offer quick, insightful information about the nature and extent of the danger, allowing enterprises to advance their first-line security analysts, speed up security operations, and lessen the impact of incidents. Organizations can manage an increasing number of cloud applications with the support of an open, linked strategy.

For a full XDR approach, you may use QRadar to combine your EDR, SIEM, NDR, SOAR, and Threat Intelligence while leaving data in place. Using IBM and open third-party connections, you may automate your SOC and connect your existing tools.

The IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence platform, which allows for the sharing of research on security risks, the aggregation of intelligence, and peer cooperation, is the source of threat intelligence.

2. FTK Forensic Toolkit

FTK Forensic Toolkit Digital Forensics topattop

This flexible software has received court approval. Both a decryption and a password-cracking application include an adjustable user interface. Create full-disk forensic images and handle a variety of data types from various sources, including network data, Internet storage, data from mobile devices, and data from hard drives.

All of this is done in a centralised, secure database. FTK processes and indexes data in advance, reducing downtime spent waiting for searches to run. Our powerful OCR engine can reduce OCR time by up to 30%.

3. ExtraHop

ExtraHop Digital Forensics topattop

The advantage is with cyberattackers. ExtraHop is on a mission to assist you in regaining control of it by providing security that cannot be overridden, tricked, or hacked. Reveal(x) 360, a dynamic cyber defence technology, assists enterprises in identifying and countering cutting-edge threats before they can compromise your company. We execute line-rate decryption and behavioural analysis across all infrastructure, workloads, and data-in-flight on petabytes of traffic every day using cloud-scale AI.

Enterprises can confidently detect malicious behaviour, track down sophisticated threats, and conduct forensic investigations into any incident with the help of ExtraHop’s comprehensive visibility. IDC, Gartner, Forbes, SC Media, and many others have named ExtraHop the market leader in network detection and response.

4. Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS Digital Forensics topattop

A security GNU/Linux distribution called Parrot Security (ParrotSec) was created for the Information Security (InfoSec) industry. For professionals in digital forensics and security, it has a complete mobile lab.

IT and security professionals can use the extensive toolkit offered by Parrot Security to test and evaluate the security of their assets in a reproducible, compliant, and reliable manner. from the collection of data to the finished report. The Parrot system provides you with the most adaptable setting.

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