Top 5 Incident Response Software Topattop

5 BEST Incident Response Tools (2022 Rankings)

Incident response tools automates the process of and/or provides users with the tools necessary to find and resolve security breaches and incidents. Organizations utilize the security tools to monitor networks, infrastructure, and endpoints…

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CASB Cloud Security Softwares Topattop

Top 10 Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Softwares

Cloud access security broker (CASB) software is used to provide a layer of protection and policy enforcement such as Authentication Policy, Password Policy, Logging, Alerting etc for employees accessing cloud-based software. The cloud…

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Cloud Compliance Softwares Topattop

Top 10 Cloud Compliance Tools List You Must Know In 2022

Network and cloud infrastructure compliance controls are provided by cloud compliance software, which also ensures regulatory standards. These solutions aid in enhancing network flows and workload visibility in the cloud. For protection against…

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API Security Tools TopatTop

6 of the Best API Security Tools for Auditing & Testing the APIs

API Security Tools are used to protect the information traveling through a company’s network via application programming interfaces (APIs). In simple language, API is a software code that helps different software programs to…

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famous ecommerce platforms topattop

4 Best E-Commerce Platforms That You Should Know About

E-commerce platforms which allows companies to manage all the operations related to online sales of products or services. With the help of e-commerce platforms, you can easily create a centralized, digital hub for…

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best text editor topattop

List of Best Text Editor Softwares

Text editor software is used by developers and programmers for manipulating plain or raw text source code, editing config files or documentation, or viewing some type of logs (error/debug). Text editors are ideally…

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