5 Best Deception Technology Platforms For IT Infrastructure Security

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Software that uses deception technology is intended to aid in the detection, analysis, and protection against unknown threats by deceiving threat actors into thinking they have found a zero-day vulnerability or another type of vulnerability. These instruments make use of honeypots, decoys, traps, lures, and other deceptively lucrative data sources.

The attacker can see this bait, and it notifies security personnel when the attacker accepts it. Once access has been blocked, security personnel can look into the attacker’s actions. These tools are used by businesses to let hackers access their systems and observe their activity in order to better understand their targets, operating strategies, and navigational routes.

By improving the firm’s understanding of threat vectors and vulnerabilities in their own systems, apps, and networks, this software essentially assists in providing the company with information on vulnerabilities.

Products designed specifically for deception and investigation are often independent deception technology solutions. Data loss prevention (DLP) software and network security software occasionally may contain certain tools to install traps or lures, but these do not compare to the same diversity of decoys as deception-specific technology platforms.

  1. AutoXDR™
  2. Morphisec
  3. Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform
  4. Smokescreen
  5. BOTsink

1. AutoXDR™

AutoXDR™ Deception Technology topattop

Without the need for a multi-product security stack and regardless of the size, skill, or resources of the security team, Cynet enables any organization to put its cybersecurity on autopilot, streamlining and automating all of its security operations while offering enhanced levels of visibility and protection.

By automating the manual process of investigation and remediation across the environment and offering a 24-7 proactive MDR service – monitoring, investigation, on-demand analysis, incident response, and threat hunting – at no additional cost, it achieves this.

2. Morphisec

Morphisec Deception Technology topattop

Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention thwarts hackers with their own strategies like deception, obfuscation, modification, and polymorphism.

In today’s time, there are a lot of attacks regarding cyber security, many people are becoming victims of cyber attacks as well as their systems are hacked, Morphisec can prove to be effective in protecting you in every way Morphisec Cyber ​​Security Base.

It is based on a platform that protects your system from any unknown threat. What many cybersecurity providers do when an unknown virus starts harming their system, then they detect it but Morphisec uses its Anti Threat Filter. Through the medium, the virus or threat is caught and it only gives its solution.

It protects or provides security to all the infrastructure of pc and server and virtual desktop, it is being liked by the people in terms of security.

3. Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform

Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform Deception Technology topattop

A comprehensive endpoint solution that prevents attacks through trickery and deception.There are no attempts made to evaluate a file or a process to see if it matches malware as part of Minerva’s strategy for blocking attacks on the endpoint.When such technologies would be unable to identify the danger, Minerva steps in to stop infections that could have caused harm or necessitated expensive post-incident procedures. Minerva reduces risk while also reducing the amount of incidents that the customer’s security staff must look into.

Our agent is particularly light weight because Minerva’s Anti-Evasion platform is a passive technology that doesn’t entail scanning or active process tracking.

Without requiring any endpoint setup or reboots, it may be installed and updated. It’s also incredibly simple to maintain because it doesn’t depend on signatures or cloud lookups.

4. Smokescreen

Smokescreen Deception Technology topattop

Smokescreen is a leader in threat detection and response based on deception. It is the offensive security teams’ go-to solution and has a customer Net Promoter Score of above 70.

Many of the most vulnerable organisations in the world, such as the biggest financial institutions, energy providers, manufacturers, and innovators in technology, are shielded by Smokescreen’s deception platform. Customers as well as industry leaders like Gartner and SC Magazine have recognized it.

5. BOTsink

BOTsink Deception Technology topattop

The Attivo BOTsink solution stands guard inside your network, using high-interaction deception and decoy technology to lure attackers into engaging and revealing themselves.Deception lures are virtual computers that are specially configured, while BotSync is a device that can be physical, virtual or cloud-based. BOTsink is simple to set up, and it took us absolutely no time to get it up and running and monitoring. It keeps the computer or any server safe from external attack. The variety of deception lures is astonishing and includes many variations of Linux, almost all current releases of Windows, and SCADA systems.

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