Top 6 Best Managed DNS Service Providers of 2022

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Managed DNS service providers give their clients access to computer resources and streamline their web traffic. These service providers combine data center resources to provide traffic across various customer networks, websites, and applications. A skilled DNS hosting provider manages managed DNS, which is an advanced service.

Managed DNS service providers will handle business or organization resources, such as websites, applications, and communications, just like any other managed servers. Users can manage DNS data, authenticate visitors, and regulate DNS traffic by accessing a desktop programme or web-based dashboard. For defence against distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults, some providers offer security features.

Many companies that offer managed DNS also act as domain registrars or offer services for registering domains. These registration services do not permit the same network traffic control capabilities when they are not part of a managed DNS offering. They merely make it possible for people to reserve website domains.

  1. Amazon Route 53
  2. Cloudflare DNS
  3. GoDaddy Premium DNS
  4. Google Cloud DNS
  5. BloxOne™ DDI
  6. Infoblox NIOS

1. Amazon Route 53

By converting names like into the numeric IP addresses that computers use to connect to each other, such, Amazon Route 53 is a cloud-based Domain Name System (DNS) that aids developers and companies in routing end users to Internet applications.

With the help of Amazon Route 53, provide a very secure and fairly economical way of connecting multiple computers together. Route 53 efficiently routes user requests to infrastructure outside of Amazon Web Services (AWS), such as an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket, or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or you can also name it Amazon EC2 instance.

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2. Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS is powered by the same network as our lightning-fast CDN. Cloudflare DNS are really useful as most spam attacks are filtered by Cloudflare at the name-server level, so such requests never reach your server. Benefits of Having Cloudflare, include its RocketLoader feature, which automatically loads all JavaScript resources asynchronously.

It protects your website against email harvesting. Additionally, it offers free HTTPS (SSL), which I haven’t utilised yet, but anyone who needs SSL can benefit from it even with the free version. It protects your website from DDOS attacks, SQL injection and spam comments. Thanks to this, your website is given a secure environment.

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3. GoDaddy Premium DNS

GoDaddy enables anyone to launch, confidently expand, and sustain a successful online presence. GoDaddy was established to offer consumers a simple, economical means of publishing their ideas online.

Today, we have millions of customers around the world, but our goal hasn’t changed. Godaddy is a top-rated platform for purchasing domains and hosting. also it’s very popular among DNS providers. Additionally, GoDaddy Premium DNS offers a security feature called DNSSEC that guards against hackers intercepting DNS traffic on your website. Your PCI-DSS score will improve as a result of this security feature.

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4. Google Cloud DNS

Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving from Google’s worldwide network.Cloud computing platform, Google Cloud gives users access to infrastructure tools and services so they may build on top of them. Any firm in need of cloud computing should think about using the Google Cloud Platform, especially SMBs as that is who the platform was first designed for.

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5. BloxOne DDI

The first and only cloud-native DDI solution that makes DDI control and management at scale simple is BloxOne DDI.BloxOne Threat Defense’s innovative hybrid security harnesses the cloud’s computing capability to detect a wide range of threats while seamlessly interacting with your on-premises ecosystem.

Additionally, it offers resilience and redundancy that are not offered by cloud-only systems.

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6. Infoblox NIOS

NIOS is the industry-leading on-premises DDI solution of choice for demanding enterprise and carrier needs.NIOS is a top level DNS provider for security. Three essential network services have come together to form DDI, which stands for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM. The premier appliance-based, fully integrated DDI platform in the world, Infoblox DDI, enables you to centralise and consolidate various network services across numerous branches to ensure redundancy and high availability of these services.

The continued need for management of these network services is addressed by UF’s DDI product. You can easily access this dns service from anywhere in the world. Nios is an agile, automated, scalable and secure Dns provider. Till now more than 13 thousand users are using this service and they are also very happy.

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