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An organization can gather information about security threats and respond to security events automatically with the help of a stack of related software packages called SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response). To increase the effectiveness of physical and digital security operations, SOAR platforms are used.

Security orchestration, security automation, and security response are the three primary components of SOAR platforms.

Utilizing pre-built or custom integrations, application programming interfaces, and security orchestration, various internal and external tools are connected and integrated (APIs). Vulnerability scanners, endpoint security tools, analytics of user activity, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDSes/IPSes), security information and event management (SIEM) platforms, and external threat intelligence feeds are examples of connected systems.

Automation of security

Security automation collects data and warnings from security orchestration, evaluates the information, and develops recurrent, automated processes to take the place of manual ones. SOAR platforms can standardise and carry out automatically tasks that were traditionally carried out by analysts, such as vulnerability scanning, log analysis, ticket verification, and auditing capabilities.

SOAR automation can recommend actions and automate subsequent reactions by analysing and modifying analyst insights using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. If human intervention is required, automation can also make dangers more serious.

Tools used to assist in the integration of security technologies and the automation of incident-related duties are called security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) software packages.

These tools interact with a business’s current security solutions to assist users in creating and automating workflows, streamlining incident response and minimizing the amount of human involvement required to address security problems. These tools are used by businesses to build centralized systems with visibility into their operational procedures and security software.

The time it takes to respond to incidents and the chance of human mistake when addressing security risks and vulnerabilities are both decreased by these technologies.

Technologies that allow businesses to gather inputs watched over by the security operations team are referred to as SOAR. For instance, notifications from the SIEM system and other security technologies can assist define, prioritize, and drive standardized incident response operations.

These technologies enable incident analysis and triage to be carried out by combining human and machine power. An organization can define incident analysis and response processes using SOAR technologies and digital workflows.

SOAR technologies integrate elements of security information and event management (SIEM) systems, incident response, and vulnerability management. The functionality of each tool is partially provided by or partially integrated into SOAR products. Once integrated, processes can be created to detect issues and carry out corrective actions automatically.

  1. PhishER
  2. Tines
  3. LogPoint
  4. Sumo Logic
  5. CrowdSec
  6. Microsoft Sentinel

1. PhishER

KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, created the PhishER platform to help your InfoSec and Security Operations teams cut through the inbox noise and respond to the most dangerous threats more quickly. Additionally, with PhishER you are able to automate the workstream of the 90% of reported emails that are not threats.

Your phishing emergency room, PhishER is a straightforward and user-friendly web-based platform with crucial workstream capabilities that can recognise and react to user-reported communications.

With PhishER, your team can prioritize, analyze, and manage a massive amount of email messages—fast! The intention is to assist you and your team in automatically prioritizing as many communications as you can, giving you the chance to evaluate PhishER’s suggested focal points and take the desired actions.

  • PhishER groups and categorises emails based on rules, tags, and actions to process user-reported phishing and other suspicious emails.
  • PhishML, the unique machine-learning component, examines communications and produces confidence levels that are used to tag messages.
  • PhishRIP makes it simple to locate and isolate suspicious messages that are still present in mailboxes throughout your whole organisation.
  • PhishFlip transforms defanged phishing emails into training opportunities by turning them into simulated phishing campaigns automatically.

PhishER Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) topattop

2. Tines

The automation engine for all of your workflows is Tines. It makes it possible for you and your team to automate repetitive and dependable manual processes and establish consistency.

With just a few simple building blocks you can rapidly automate a whole host of everyday tasks and workflows. You can build your own agents, but you can also take advantage of the continuing collaboration between our analysts, engineers, and clients. Whether you choose one of our prebuilt building blocks or come up with your own, it’s easy to produce repeatable results that will save you time and frustration. You can then focus on more worthwhile and original tasks as a result.

Tines is an engine that fuels a variety of processes, individuals, and workflows rather than merely being a SoaR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) platform or API tool.

Tines Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) topattop

3. LogPoint

A trustworthy, cutting-edge cybersecurity operations platform developed by Logpoint enables businesses all over the world to flourish in a world of constantly changing threats. LogPoint enhances the skills of security teams while assisting them in fending off present and potential threats by fusing cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive understanding of customer concerns.

SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, and SAP security technologies are combined into a comprehensive platform by Logpoint that effectively detects attacks, reduces false positives, prioritises risks on its own, handles incidents, and does much more. Logpoint is an international, inclusive business with its main office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and offices all over the world.

LogPoint Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) topattop

4. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is the pioneer of continuous intelligence, a new category of software, which enables organizations of all sizes to address the data challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern applications and cloud computing.

The Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence PlatformTM automates application, infrastructure, security, and IoT data collection, ingestion, and analysis to produce actionable insights in only a few seconds. Sumo Logic is trusted by more than 2,000 customers worldwide to create, manage, and secure their cloud infrastructures and contemporary applications. In order to help organisations succeed in the intelligence economy, Sumo Logic offers its platform as a real, multi-tenant SaaS architecture that can be used for a variety of use cases.

Sumo Logic Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) topattop

5. CrowdSec

A collaborative, open-source, free intrusion prevention system software package is called CrowdSec. In order to impose remediation at any level (firewall, reverse proxy, etc.) and of any kind (MFA, Captcha, drop,…), it detects undesirable actions in applications and system logs.

The product’s user network, where everyone may automatically disclose hostile IP addresses that assault them, is another key strength. Combined, widely dispersed crowd-sourced threat intelligence (CTI) adds an additional degree of security. Since behaviour and reputation are combined with CrowdSec, everyone can look out for one another and create a global cyber security shield.

CrowdSec Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) topattop

6. Microsoft Sentinel

With SIEM reimagined for the current world, Microsoft Azure Sentinel enables you to detect threats and neutralise them before they can do damage. Your bird’s-eye view of the entire enterprise is Azure Sentinel. Utilize the cloud and extensive intelligence acquired from years of Microsoft security expertise. Use artificial intelligence to detect threats more quickly and intelligently (AI).

Reduce IT expenses by eliminating security infrastructure setup and maintenance and elastically scaling to match your security needs. You can: use Azure Sentinel

  • Gather data across all users, devices, apps, and infrastructure, both locally and across various clouds, at cloud scale.
  • Use Microsoft’s unmatched threat intelligence and analytics to find previously unknown threats and reduce false positives.
  • Utilizing decades of cybersecurity research at Microsoft, you can: – Investigate threats with AI and hunt questionable activity at scale; – Respond to situations quickly using integrated orchestration and automation of routine processes.

Microsoft Sentinel Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) topattop

SOAR difficulties

In addition to not being a stand-alone system, SOAR is not a magic solution. Given that they depend on the input of other security systems to effectively detect threats, SOAR platforms should be a part of a defense-in-depth security strategy.

SOAR is a complementing solution, not a replacement for existing security technologies. Additionally, SOAR platforms do not take the role of human analysts; rather, they complement their abilities and work processes to improve incident recognition and response.

Other possible SOAR downsides include the following:

  • failing to improve a more comprehensive security strategy;
  • overlapping expectations;
  • complexity of deployment and management; and
  • inadequate or constrained metrics
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