6 of the Best API Security Tools for Auditing & Testing the APIs

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API Security Tools are used to protect the information traveling through a company’s network via application programming interfaces (APIs). In simple language, API is a software code that helps different software programs to communicate with each other.

API is the most important system for accessing the application. With the help of APIs, you can automate many tedious tasks which actually saves your time and money.

Modern cloud services, mobile applications, social media and embedded software in the Internet of Things (IoT) are assembled from multiple bits of discrete code – building blocks (services, components, objects, containers, microservices) that comprise a system or application.

API security is the process of protecting APIs from such attacks. Because APIs are very commonly used, and they enable access to sensitive software functions and data, they are becoming a primary target for attackers. API security is a key component of modern web application security.

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If you want to secure and test your APIs instead of simply check things off, consider these six API security testing tools that can help:

  1. Wallarm API Security Platform
  2. StackHawk
  3. Google Apigee Sense
  4. Salt Security
  5. API Discovery and Security Management Platform
  6. Nevatech Sentinet

1. Wallarm API Security Platform

Wallarm is the platform Dev, Sec, and Ops teams choose to build cloud-native applications securely, monitor them for modern threats, and get alerted when threats arise.

Whether you protect some of the legacy apps or brand new cloud-native APIs, Wallarm multi-cloud API platform provides key components to secure your business against various emerging threats.

This platform provides a robust protection for the entire application portfolio and mitigate many threats against OWASP Top 10.

Wallarm-API-Security-Platform-topattop API Security Tools
2. StackHawk

StackHawk makes it simple for developers to find, triage, and fix application security related issues. Scan your application for AppSec bugs in the code your team wrote, triage and fix with provided documentation, and automate in your pipeline to prevent future bugs from hitting production.

StackHawk also tests your running applications, services, and APIs for security vulnerabilities (e.g. Sensitive Data Exposure, Broken User Authentication etc) that your team has introduced as well as exploitable open source security bugs.

StackHawk-topattop API Security Tools

3. Google Apigee Sense

Apigee Sense works in conjunction with the Apigee Edge API Management Platform to give API teams a powerful weapon to protect APIs from OWASP Top 10 attacks.

With Apigee, you can easily protect your APIs from Bot Attacks and suspicious API behaviors. You can easily monitor billions of API calls, identify anomalies, and uncover bad bot patterns.

Google Apigee Sense offers simple yet flexible pricing options no matter where you are in your API journey – whether you are trying a pilot or driving a digital transformation program.

 Google-Apigee-Api-security-tool-topattop API Security Tools

4. Salt Security

Salt Security protects the APIs that form the core of every modern application. Its API Protection Platform is the industry’s first patented solution to prevent the next generation of API attacks, using AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) to automatically and continuously identify and protect APIs.

Deployed in minutes, the Salt Security platform learns the granular behavior of a company’s APIs and requires no configuration or customization to pinpoint and block API attackers.

Salt Security is your one-stop API Security solution which stops every API attacks and eliminate many API vulnerabilities in development.

Salt-Security-API-Tool-topattop API Security Tools

5. API Discovery and Security Management Platform

API Discovery and Security is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows organizations and businesses to find their hidden/embedded APIs through source code and network analysis.

This modular product portfolio is designed to meet varied API Governance needs of enterprises and communities, cost-efficiently, while providing flexibility to add additional capabilities as those needs evolve.

With their API Security Manager, it can automate OWASP top-10 and custom security tests to perform vulnerability analysis to identify security & compliance risks.⠀⠀

 API-Discovery-and-Security-Management-Platform-Tool-topattop API Security Tools

6. Nevatech Sentinet

Nevatech Sentinet software product is a complete solution for API Management and API Governance. It is the only enterprise class API Management Platform written in .NET that is available for On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid environments.

Sentinet software solution addresses common challenges by taking full responsibility to provide cost-effective management and control for your APIs, and helps developers and operations to focus on the essence of the APIs’ business execution.

It connects, mediates and manages interactions between services across the enterprise or in the cloud. Sentinet supports REST and SOAP standards as well as Microsoft specific communication protocols and security models.

 Nevatech-Sentinet-api-security-tool-topattop API Security Tools

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