Top 10 Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Softwares

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Cloud access security broker (CASB) software is used to provide a layer of protection and policy enforcement such as Authentication Policy, Password Policy, Logging, Alerting etc for employees accessing cloud-based software. The cloud access security broker market is still rapidly evolving, with vendors providing a range of capabilities and delivery options to help secure usage of the cloud. Security leaders should use the following tools to understand the CASB market.

The four pillar of CASB are:

  1. Visibility
  2. Compliance
  3. Data Security
  4. Threat Protection

CASB serves as a gateway through which companies can enforce their security requirements beyond on-premise and secure connections between employees and cloud service providers. Companies use CASB software to reduce risks related to cloud applications and network connections while simultaneously monitoring actions and behaviors.

With CASB, you can easily identify and protect against users accessing your services with compromised account credentials.

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CASB solutions are also used to identify abnormal behaviors from internal actors and then alert administrators of potential shadow IT and noncompliant behaviors. These tools typically monitor and record the actions taken by an individual using the CASB, who can leverage the data collected for behavioral analysis and reporting.

  1. Harmony Email & Office
  2. Trend Micro Cloud App Security
  3. Citrix Workspace Essentials
  4. Symantec Web Security Service
  5. Netskope
  6. Oracle CASB Cloud
  7. Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway
  8. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  9. ManagedMethods
  10. CloudSOC Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Let’s see

1. Harmony Email & Office

Check Point Harmony Email & Office, protects enterprise data by preventing targeted attacks on SaaS applications and cloud-based email. You can easily block all the malicious emails before they reach the inbox.

This software is a complete protection for cloud email and collaboration apps. To get a first-hand experience of all the features and capabilities of Harmony Email & Office, please click here.

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2. Trend Micro Cloud App Security

Trend Micro Cloud App Security delivers advanced threat and data protection for Office 365 and cloud file-sharing services. With the help of Trend Micro product, you can easily find all the unknown malwares by using pre-execution machine learning technology.

The security of Office 365, Google Workspace, and other cloud services can be easily enhanced by leveraging sandbox malware analysis with Trend Micro Cloud App Security Product.

The 30-Day Trial is also available at

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3. Citrix Workspace Essentials

Citrix Workspace Essentials provides a comprehensive, zero-trust approach to deliver secure and contextual access to corporate internal web apps, SaaS, and virtual applications.

VPNs expose entire networks to threats like DDos, Sniffing and Spoofing Attacks. Once an attacker or malware has breached a network through a compromised user device connected to it, the entire network can be brought down. With Citrix Workspace Essentials product, Information Technology can consolidate traditional security products such as VPN, single-sign on, multi-factor authentication, and provide usage analytics for Web and SaaS apps.

Citrix Workspace has everything you need to keep people productive and data secure.

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4. Symantec Web Security Service

Symantec Web Security Service (WSS) provides the same proactive web protection capabilities delivered by the market’s leading on-premises Cloud Secure Web Gateway, Symantec ProxySG, but delivered as a resilient and performant cloud security service.

Sitting between employees, wherever they are located, and the Internet, the service protects the enterprise from cyber threats, controls and protects corporate use of cloud applications and the web, prevents data leaks, and ensures compliance with all company information and web/cloud access policies.

SWG delivers a broad set of advanced capabilities—including a cloud-hosted proxy, software defined perimeter, anti-virus scanning, sandboxing, web isolation, data loss prevention (DLP), and email security. As your users directly access the web, you can extend consistent policies that follow your sensitive data wherever it goes.

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5. Netskope

The Netskope Security Cloud provides complete visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device.

Netskope is the leader in cloud security which take advantage of cloud and web without sacrificing security.

With Netskope, you can:

  • Reduce risk
  • Accelerate performance
  • Provide granular visibility to any cloud, web, and private application activity

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6. Oracle CASB Cloud

Oracle CASB Cloud is an API-based cloud access security broker for applications and workloads. With Oracle CASB, You can easily gain visibility and detect threats on the entire cloud stack for workloads and applications with Oracle CASB.

It proactively identify threats with innovative modeling techniques that evaluate risks and provide a concise summary of potential threats across hundreds of threat vectors.

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7. Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway

At Forcepoint, we understand the transformation our customers currently face. A cloud-based security reality is a journey. And we’re thoroughly committed to helping our customers make it.

Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway (CSG) is a converged cloud security service that provides proactive visibility, control, and threat protection to safeguard your users and data, wherever they are. Integrated functionality reduces time to value and ensures that maximum capabilities are always available.

With this product, you can easily protect your data for web content and cloud applications for any user, from any device and from any location. Forcepoint’s Seamless Handoff feature allows automatic switching between the default, in-line proxy enforcement mode and the secondary, local enforcement mode using Direct Connect.

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8. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is an enterprise-grade security for cloud apps.

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9. ManagedMethods

ManagedMethods is a cloud security platform designed to make managing Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 security easy for IT leaders and system admins in K-12 school districts.

ManagedMethods requires no hardware or on-site installations, no proxies or browser extensions. The platform takes minutes to activate, requires no special training, and has no impact on users or networks.

  • Activate cloud data security for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 in minutes
  • Full support for bring your own device models, securing company data regardless of how users access it
  • Automatic account activity management and policy enforcement
  • Easy incident remediation and reporting
  • No delays or impact on end users

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10. CloudSOC Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Securely adopt cloud apps and meet your regulatory compliance requirements with an industry-leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that integrates with the rest of your enterprise security. CloudSOC CASB provides visibility, data security and threat protection for today’s generation of cloud users across a wide range of sanctioned and unsanctioned apps.

Symantec CloudSOC CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) delivers the highest level of protection to mitigate malicious content in cloud apps, shadow IT, and compliance risks. With our industry-leading technology, customers get comprehensive discovery, monitoring, and protection capabilities that provide comprehensive visibility and control over their information everywhere it goes.

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