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Businesses may access the internet, cloud-based services, and corporate networks safely thanks to cloud edge security solutions. SD-WAN technology, which mixes software-defined networking with a wide area network, is used to supply the products. Due to the ability to operate anywhere and combine security features to safeguard all network activity, cloud edge security solutions are made possible.

The goal of the unified security solutions is to offer total visibility across complicated hybrid environments. By employing a single tool to classify, manage, and report on all user activity and network traffic without affecting end-user experiences, this streamlines the work of administrators.

Although there is some overlap between the other technologies discussed above and cloud edge security tools, traditional CASB, WAF, and SWG products function separately and do not offer the same level of accessibility and visibility across hybrid environments.

  1. Cisco Umbrella
  2. Perimeter 81
  3. Twingate
  4. Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway
  5. Harmony Connect (CloudGuard Connect)

1. Cisco Umbrella

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When and how you need it, Cisco Umbrella provides adaptable, cloud-delivered protection. You can extend protection to devices, remote users, and distant locations anywhere since it combines different security functions into one solution. The quickest and easiest way to instantly protect your users everywhere is with an umbrella.

Flexible, cloud-delivered security is available from Cisco Umbrella. You can extend data protection to devices, remote users, and distant sites anywhere since it combines different security tasks into one solution. The quickest and easiest way to instantly protect your users everywhere is with an umbrella.

Organizations using controlled Android devices (v6.0.1 or higher) can provide DNS-layer security to corporate users on the devices they use, wherever they access the internet, by using the Cisco Umbrella Android Client.

2. Perimeter 81

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Leading network cybersecurity solution Perimeter 81 provides highly scalable secure remote access and network capabilities for businesses all over the world. Perimeter 81 is the preferred network security option for thousands of businesses, including small and large ones. You can safeguard resources both on-premises and in the cloud thanks to Perimeter 81’s easy integration with the top cloud service providers (Azure, AWS, GCP).

You can manage team member access from anywhere with Perimeter 81, migrate your resources to the cloud with ease, and obtain network insight all from one cloud management site. With capabilities like Device Posture Check, Web Filtering, and Firewall as a Service, you can manage and secure your network with just a few clicks.

3. Twingate

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Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Twingate is a secure remote access solution for an organization’s private applications, data, and environments. It takes the place of outdated business VPNs that were not designed to handle a world in which “work from anywhere” and cloud-based assets are increasingly the norm. It was created to make the lives of DevOps teams, IT/infrastructure teams, and end users easier.

Modern zero trust-based remote access security techniques from Twingate are designed to increase security without sacrificing usability or maintainability.

4. Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway

Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway Cloud Edge Security topattop

We at Forcepoint are aware of the changes that are now affecting our clients. A journey is required to achieve cloud-based security. And we have a strong commitment to assisting our clients in succeeding.

In order to protect your users and data, wherever they may be, Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway (CSG) offers proactive visibility, management, and threat protection. Integrated functionality speeds up time to value and guarantees that all available capabilities are to their fullest.

5. Harmony Connect (CloudGuard Connect)

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By making it simple for any user or branch to access business apps, SaaS, and the internet from any device without compromising security, Harmony Connect redefines SASE.

Harmony Connect is a cloud-native service that unifies multiple cloud-delivered network security products, deploys in minutes, and applies Zero Trust policies with a seamless user experience. It was created to stop the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

Harmony Connect is a 100% cloud service that combines numerous network security technologies, deploys in minutes, and implements Zero Trust access controls with a seamless user experience for everyone. It was created to stop the most evasive cyber attacks.

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